Sunday School

Sunday School: An educational ministry who's leadership is appointed by the parish priest, the  teachers are accepted by the leadership and priest with the goal to educate the youth in the orthodox teachings of which the curriculum is set forth by the priest and the educators. All of it funded by the parish.

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is happy to announce the reopening of Sunday School for our members and their families. Dru Bradford, our Sunday School Director, is asking for volunteers to help clean the Sunday School module this Saturday, October 2nd from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Please bring vacuums and any cleaning supplies you can share. We want the module to be squeaky clean for the beginning of classes, Sunday, October 3rd.
We are also looking for volunteers to be Sunday School teachers. Ms. Dru will be leading the High School and Middle School students. Mariana Bogdan will be in charge of the Elementary School kids. Melinda Fields has volunteered to be a substitute. We will consider classes for Preschool at the beginning of the year once we find out how many parents want their children to participate.

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