Parish Committees

Parish Committees for 2024 (appointed by the Parish Council President):

Audit committee—elected during fall assembly

During the fall general assembly an audit committee of three are elected.  The responsibilities of the Audit Committee will include assessing the reliability and accuracy of financial reporting; They will report their findings to the Spring General assembly. The audit committee will recommend changes required to continue any remediation necessary, monitor compliance with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to financial controls.

Board of electors—elected during fall assembly

A board of three electors to monitor parish council election held in December.  Their responsibilities include following the stewardship list to hand out ballots, counting ballots and certifying elected parish council members.  Certification will then be sent to the Metropolis

Building Committee---Chris Ronalds

The building committee (in coordination with the strategic planning committee) will conduct feasibility studies and formal planning for facility improvements to achieve the goal of building a traditional Greek Orthodox sanctuary and Fellowship Hall building to serve the parish.   This includes activities such as architectural designs, civil engineering, and contruction associated with the parish's approved plans.  This committee reports plans and progress to both the parish council and the parish (during regular and special assemblies).  Capital improvements such as remodeling, rebuilding or renovation are presented to the parish council and the parish membership regarding the proposed project's purpose or need, cost, and schedule.

Maintenance Committee---Cory Hurley

The maintennace committee has responsibility for routine maintenance of parish buildings and grounds.  This includes routine monthly maintenance includes monthly septic chemicals, filters for kitchen and water fountain. Annual inspection of fire extinguishers, backflow inspection, smoke alarm batteries.  Exterior maintenance includes landscaping, weed abatement, painting and general cleaning. 

Greek Festival Committee---TBD    (John Ryan (2023))

Coordination of overall festival, including each booth chair, set up and take down of festival site. Volunteers working with city to maintain compliance.  There are multiple areas of responsibilities.  All planning, coordination of contacts  and invoices will remain on church property for continuity in planning for future festivals.

Stewardship— Nick Canellopoulos  / Dimitris Alexopoulos

Stewardship supports the Orthodox Christian practice of consistent, cheerful and purposeful giving of time, talent and treasure in support of our Church and its ministries to help further the word and teachings of Jesus Christ. Stewardship creates and fosters a spirit of generosity and giving for the Glory of God. When we are generous and give freely of our time, talent, and treasure we proclaim, preserve, and practice our Orthodox and Christian faith and make a difference in our parish and community.

Strategic Planning---- John Ryan

Strategic planning is a process in which the committee defines the vision for the short and long term goals of the parish. The primary goal of the parish is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, to teach and spread the Orthodox Christian Faith, to energize, cultivate, and guide the life of the parish according to the Orthodox Christian Faith and Tradition. This committee specifically focus is on growing the parish family in the greater Temecula valley, providing a home for Orthodox Christians and converts to the faith.  The committee focuses on the process to increase membership and (with the Building Committee) the plan for longer term improvements and facilities to accommodate the membership and activities of the parish.